Lazy S Ranch & Kennels
  has just one requirement if you would like to board your dog with us - your companion must be in relative good health and up-to-date on all of his/her shots and vaccinations. In order to prove this, you need to provide us with a copy of your dog's vaccination report from your veterinarian. Your vet office should be able to print out a copy of this report for you if you don't happen to have one on file from your last veterinary visit. Just tell your vet office that you need a report because you will be boarding your dog, and they should be able to print you a copy without difficulty or extra cost on your part. The report should detail that your dog is up-to-date on at least the following vaccinations:

DHLP / Parvo

The report should also detail that your dog is free from any internal parasites like:


*In the event an emergency arises during your companion's stay with us, we will utilize our local veterinary clinic - Royston Animal Hospital - which is just a fifteen minute drive from where we are located.

*If you do plan to board your pet at our facilities, it also would be very helpful if you took the time to download, print, and fill out our Owner Questionnaire Form. You can download it as either a Microsoft Word document or an Adobe PDF file - whichever you prefer. If you have any problems downloading or viewing it, please write us and we can also send you a copy through email. Filling out this form and bringing it along with you (or you can email it to us) will help us to get to know your dog better during his/her stay. Thank you.

Click here to download the form as a Word doc
Click here to download the form as a PDF file  ( Don't have Adobe Reader? Get it: )

*Also, if you would like to bring any of your dog's special toys, blankets, chew bones, balls, stuffed animals, etc. when you arrive, that would actually be a splendid idea! Having items like these with them in their kennel enables your dog to still maintain an attachment to their home and you, while staying in a completely foreign environment. This helps to make the transition to the boarding kennel experience, especially for first time boarders, all the easier. (An exception to this would be if your dog has possessive/aggressive issues with certain items - if so, please do not bring these items along.)