Lazy S Ranch & Kennels
  prides ourself on offering affordable, yet quality boarding and grooming services for your canine companion in a comfortable, friendly environment. The following are our daily boarding rates:

$20.00 per day for a large-sized dog.
$18.00 per day for a medium-sized dog.
$16.00 per day for a small-sized dog.
$14.00 per day for a toy-sized dog.

*We accept cash or personal check only.

*** Doggie Daycare services now available! ***
$10.00 per day, per dog, no matter the size. Dogs are not boarded overnight.
Sign up for weekly daycare and it would be just $45.00 for the week in total.

About Kennel Charges:  Our boarding rates are determined based on your dog's size and how many overnight stays your dog has with us. If you pick up your dog anytime between Noon and 5:00 PM during our regular business hours, you will be charged for that pick-up day according to our Doggie Daycare rate.

For example, let's say you drop your large breed dog off on a Saturday and want to pick him up Tuesday around 2PM. Your pet will have stayed overnight with us 3 days and you will be charged a Doggie Daycare rate for Tuesday. Initial charges would be $20 (large size) x 3 days = $60. We would then add $10 for the afternoon pickup on Tues, so your total bill would be $70 for the length of the stay. If you pick up your companion before Noon, you will not be charged a Doggie Daycare fee at all for that day.

** Each of our daily boarding rates above are all inclusive - meaning you don't have to pay anything additional for feedings, playtimes, socialization, medication administration, walks, or belly rubs! You only pay for the daily boarding fee based on the size of your companion and how many days you plan to board with us. Here's what's included for your pet as part of the daily boarding fee:

A secure kennel area with rubber mat on the floor for comfort and cleanliness.
A comfy dog bed specific to your companion's individual size.
A stainless steel water bucket (cleaned and changed daily).
Various doggie bones and treats throughout the day.
Dinner fed in a stainless steel bowl between 4-5 PM each day (Purina or Pedigree dry kibble, usually mixed with a bit of canned food and water).
Administration of any medication (if needed).
At least three leashed walks per day (AM, afternoon, & PM) around our property and down our nature trail, so your pets can stretch their legs and do their business.

Supervised play and socialization periods (if your dog gets along well with others) in either of our outside turnout pens during the day.
Individual attention and one-on-one interaction with each dog throughout the day.

Special Info & Discounts:

*We can indeed board Puppies (and love to do so)!  However, because puppies require more care and attention than your average adult dog, the charge for boarding a puppy who is 6 weeks to 6 months of age is $18.00 per day, regardless of the size of the pup. After 6 months of age, normal size rates will apply. Although, we must stress that we do think it is best not to start boarding a pup until it is at least 3 to 4 months of age (and up-to-date on all required puppy vaccinations), and has had time to adjust to your family, its home surroundings, and life in general... With that being said, boarding your dog beginning at a younger age is certainly an excellent way to continue the socialization process, and to prepare your dog for future kennel visits as he or she matures into adulthood.

*The longer your pet stays with us, the bigger the Discount for you!

** Effective January 1st, 2008 - our Discount will be changing. A 7 day stay or longer will give you a 10% Discount, and if your pet stays for 14 days or longer, you will get 20% off the total boarding fee.

*We also offer an additional 10% off the total boarding fee if an owner boards more than one dog at the same time. This is our Multiple Dog Discount.

*Ask about our Monthly Boarding Rates! If you need to board your dog for an extended period of time, depending on the length of your pet's stay, a special Discount off the total boarding fee will be offered. Total fee will be discussed and determined when you call us to make arrangements for boarding.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

*Because Lazy S Ranch & Kennels operates in a rural environment, we also have the ability to keep farm-related animals that you may have - be they horses, ponies, cows, goats, sheep, pigs, etc. Small pets such as rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, reptiles, birds, etc. can also occasionally be boarded here (we prefer not to board cats). We have experience raising and caring for all types of animals. Please call ahead for specific boarding rates and to check on the availability of proper facilities, specific to the animal you wish to board with us.

*We also offer basic dog training. Personal Trainer Rates are an additional $25.00 per hour, per dog. We can do basic obedience training - for example, learning how to walk properly on a leash without pulling, learning how to sit, lie down, wait and/or stay, etc.


Rocky on the grooming table.

$35.00 for a large / medium-sized dog.
$30.00 for a small / toy-sized dog.

 *These rates are for basic groom only, and are in addition to the daily boarding charge (if you also board). We accept cash or personal check only.

About Grooming Charges:  While your companion is staying with us, you can also take advantage of our basic grooming service. It is a one-time fee that is charged in addition to the daily boarding fee if you are also currently boarding your dog. The basic groom includes:

A pre-bath brushing to loosen the hair in your dog's coat.
An aromatic sudsy bath or flea dip (whichever you prefer) in our doggie bath tub.
A nail trim and paw hair trim (this is the hair on the palm of the paw, if it is excessive).
An ear cleaning and ear hair removal (if necessary).
A combination of towel drying / blow drying of the coat with our special dog blower.
A final post-bath brushing.

*If you do not intend to board your dog, you can still set up a separate grooming appointment with us. These separate grooming appointments can only be made on the Weekends (Saturday or Sunday - call us to set up a specific time).

*Aside from our normal grooming service detailed above, we also offer basic hair clippings / trims. (However, we do not offer fancy breed-specific cuts, sorry.) Other special grooming services are available upon request, such as mat and tangle removal. The fee for a basic hair clipping / trim / mat removal will be determined based on the size of your dog and whether or not you would like bathing done as part of the clipping.

Lazy S Kennels van (being cleaned). That's Raz in front.

About Our Transportation Services:  For your convenience, we also now provide a pet pick-up and/or drop-off service to and from your home. Your pet will be crated for safety and driven in comfort with our air conditioned / heated Lazy S Ranch & Kennels van, which can accommodate up to six dogs of varying sizes, if needed. Your dog will be provided with a water and bathroom break whenever there are multiple pick-ups / drop-offs in a single trip, or if the trip happens to be a lengthy one. The one way fee to the Athens area is $40.00 and the one way fee to the Atlanta area is $125.00 per customer. Anywhere else, please ask for our rates. We can meet you at your home or wherever you prefer. Give us a call and we'd be happy to accommodate you and your canine companion with our personal transportation service.