Lazy S Ranch & Kennels
  is a full service, all inclusive dog boarding facility located on 52 acres of beautiful, wooded countryside. The kennel building itself is blue-gray with red trim and located near the back of the main property, just in front of the house. Simply follow the driveway down past the barn and horse areas, and the building shouldn't be too difficult to miss!

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Lazy S Ranch & Kennels
is air conditioned in the summer months and heated in the winter to keep the temperature at a pleasant 73-75 degrees. The unique structure of the building, with the arches of insulation in the ceiling, is also designed to adequately retain both coolness and heat, depending on the season. In regards to the boarding area, we are able to comfortably house up to 22 dogs of all sizes in 22 individual indoor kennel runs. There are 12 kennels sized for your medium or small dogs, and 10 which were specifically made for larger dogs, even those who are Great Dane size. Each kennel contains a stainless steel water bucket (changed every day), a dog bed suited to your companion's specific size, and rubber matting atop the concrete floor to provide both additional comfort and cleanliness. The kennels are privately enclosed quarters made for the individual dog (although we can put up to two small or medium-sized dogs in the same kennel if you prefer that they be together), and they are also separated by concrete walls on either side to ensure both privacy and safety during your companion's stay with us.

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Beyond the kennels, the room in the back of the building doubles as both an office and grooming/food storage area. We have a raised tub that we use strictly for dog bathing purposes, and we also offer a range of grooming services - from nail trims, "brush-outs" for dogs who are blowing coat, flea-dips, hair trimming and basic clippings (sorry we can't offer Poodle cuts or other fancy clippings at this time), as well as just your typical hygienic grooming needs (a bath, general brushing, ear-cleaning, etc.)

We feed a high quality dry dog food like Purina or Pedigree usually between 4:00 and 5:00 PM every day. Normally, adult dogs are fed once per day at this time, but if your companion has a different eating schedule or is a puppy, we will gladly feed twice or more times a day, at special request by the owner. We can also feed canned food if that is your dog's preference, or mix it with dry, but this is at special request by the owner. By default, all of our boarding dogs are fed dry food in stainless steel bowls, once per day. Food quantity is rationed out based on a dog's size and eating habits. It is always helpful to let us know what your dog's typical eating habits are like, but most dogs eat reasonably well when they know they are in the presence of other dogs. It is important to note that since Lazy S Ranch & Kennels is an all inclusive boarding facility, food is provided at no extra cost. But if you prefer to bring your own dog's food with you when you arrive (especially recommended if your dog is on a particular or special-needs diet), that would be perfectly fine too. Various dog bones and treats are also given to your companion throughout the day - again, at no extra charge to you. If your pet is on some type of medication or vitamin supplement, it can be administered without additional cost as well... just bring it along with you when you arrive.

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Because Lazy S Ranch & Kennels is situated on 52 acres of rural land, when your companion stays with us, they will be able to experience elements of both farm life and the wooded outdoors in a lovely, natural setting. The dogs we board are not cooped up in their kennels all day - they get to spend some quality time outside in our turnout pen and on various walks around our property each day. Currently, we have one large, fenced-in grassy exercise area on the right side of the kennel building. (There is also a new, slightly smaller pen on the left side now as well.) There is plenty of land around the building that we utilize for personal walking time (always on a leash unless the owner permits off-leash romps), and even a nature trail in the back of the building where your companion can be walked each day. Walks and all outdoor playtime activities are provided at no extra cost. Each and every dog is given individual human interaction and one-on-one attention throughout the day to make them feel more "at home" during their stay. If your companion is dog-friendly and likes to play with others, we also provide socialization and interaction with other dogs at the kennel as well. One of our own dogs, a neutered male Aussie / Border Collie mix named Poncho, is always happy to interact with other dogs and make new friends!

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Entrance for the nature trail.

Lastly, since Lazy S Ranch & Kennels operates in a rural environment, we have the ability to keep all farm-related animals that you may have - be they horses, ponies, cows, goats, sheep, pigs, llamas, etc. Small pets such as rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, reptiles, birds, etc. can also occasionally be boarded here (sorry, we don't board cats). We have experience raising and caring for all types of animals. Let us know in advance so that the proper facilities can be made available for your companion. Different boarding rates will be applied depending on the animal, and discussed with the owner in advance.

*If you would like to come out and see Lazy S Ranch & Kennels before deciding to board your pet with us, we would be happy to show you around the premises. Tours of our facilities are available by appointment. Just give us a call to let us know you'd like to see our kennels and feel free to stop on by.